Monday, April 2, 2012

a different take on wool applique

It started out as just doodling with leftover wool and thread.  And I've long loved the books I've found on subversive cross stitch and non-traditional embroidery, so one doodle led to another and this little subversive needlebook was born.  Fair warning- - anyone not wanting to look at the F bomb on needlework, need not look any further.  It's for this reason that I put the back of the needlebook as the header photo.    :-)  Enjoy.

Who says bluebirds are always singing pretty?  These pieces are real exercises in teeny tiny applique stitches.  The little skull is a combination of tiny wool (the top white part) and satin stitching (jaw and all black around the skull).  

There was no intention exactly for finished product with this little project.  I was mostly in an off color mood and wanted to practice with wool applique.  And my little purchased kit projects with wool applique looked large and b o r i n g.  No more excuses- it was fun and I enjoyed making it into a needlebook for my everyday bag and once I got going, I couldn't stop.  This side became the front of the book.  The skirt, trees and cloud are wool, everything else is stitched.  The lightening bolt was stitched with DMC satin thread.  It's really effective for stand out stitches!

Lined with cotton flying bird fabric I got in Paris.  And the pages are muslin folded over and stitched the perimeter to make six pages.

The middle fold- machine stitched down the middle.  

Is this me as a metaphor?  Hmmmm....

Tiny cut wool flower tops, wool bluebird.  Stitched stems & leaves.  Zig zag stitched the whole way around.  Closed it measures 3.25" x just under 4".  


  1. I Like it Mizz Stumpf...sometimes we need to be a bit subversive...too much cute will kill ya' ~

  2. This is sooo adorable!!! I can't help but laughed when I saw the front!! LOL