Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tambour Flower Clutch Bag Finish

Finally there are some photos of this piece of tambour embroidery, transformed into a clutch purse.  Here is the front of the bag.  I chose a beautiful periwinkle dupioni silk for the base fabric and loved it so much, I split the tambour worked silk organza into a seam at the bottom to show off how pretty is the fabric underneath, on the back (below).

The inside is a very slippery lavender silk- very soft and feminine, with a small pocket for a credit card, business card or lipstick.  After the initial intimidation dissolved into determination, the most difficult part of creating the purse was getting the glue into the recesses of the purse frame, without getting the glue on my hands or on the silk on either side.  And then making sure the glue was holding all the way around both sides of the frame.  Most difficult!  :-/

Closeups of the stitching, using a number of thread types and brands...  This purse is now stuffed with paper to keep its shape, and put into a bag of presentation pieces.  Time to frame up another piece of silk and get back to work!

As usual, Mango is in the middle of everything! 

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