Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the blossoming sewing kit

Ever since I picked up the Fall 2011 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects, I have been wanting to make this sewing kit.  It is called The Blossoming Sewing Kit and is designed by Renee Plains.

I used some of my stash from the Virginia Rugfest.  This is wool from Rebecca Erb, all washed up and fluffy.

I love how when you undo the button, it just all flops open like one of the old accordian type change purses that men used to carry.  My grandfather had one and my dad kept it.   I loved to open and close it with one scrunch of the hand.  This sewing kit is for my mother and is a belated Mother's Day gift as she and I live far apart for half the year and I wanted to wait and give it to her today when she will be visiting.  The inside of the case is lined with pattern cut lightweight cardboard and it is sewn in three directions with a simple hand sewn running stitch.  Then the cardboard is inserted and the perimeter is sewn with no. 5 perle cotton and closed with blanket stitch.  Inside I put some things useful in a woman's purse-- thread in off white and black.  Needles, pins, safety pins and a needle threader.  And for my mom who has an adorable little shih tzu named Maggie, a dog treat- just in case!  The shell button was repurposed from a wrapping that I got from an Ebay seller.  It was too pretty not to use.  I hope she likes it!  :-)  

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  1. I'm sure she will just love it Jen ~
    great job & love that wool :) (and the tiny doggie treat is a nice touch !!